Chef Bill Gruesser

Bill and his team have been traveling the streets of Central Indiana serving his style of American Regional cuisine.  Now he wants to bring his Serendipitously delicious food to Fishers!  Serendipity Public House is his vision and through his pop-ups in the Signature Table, he is perfecting his menu!  Come and try his Craft Grilled Pizza and Salads.

About Bill Gruesser

After 9 years of building a reputation on quality, execution, and fair pricing… Chef Bill Gruesser of Serendipity Mobile Catering, is now giving Central Indiana a taste of Serendipity Public House. With over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, a Le Cordon Bleu graduate, and a passion for all things culinary, Chef will be putting to task all that he’s learned to achieve his dream of a quaint, throw back style, Public House. The mission is to bring handcrafted modern midwestern cuisine to Fishers, and Central Indiana. Utilizing the best ingredients, locally sourced from sustainable environmentally responsible partners. 

“Everything I do, it would be nothing with out my team.”
– Chef Bill Gruesser

What’s on the Menu?

Check out Chef Bill’s style of Neapolitan Grilled Pizza.