Chefs John & Kim

Former food truck operators, this brother team are serving up fast, fresh Korean barbecue at Korave in the Fishers Test Kitchen.

About John & Kim

Jung Gyu Kim, “Chef John,” and his brother Jung Min Kim, “Chef Kim,” will be bringing the bold flavors of Korean barbecue to the Fishers Test Kitchen. Originally from South Korea, they first settled in Utah, where they attended culinary school at Salt Lake Community College. After working at a variety of restaurants in Utah and participating in a food business incubation program, they launched a food truck there in 2017. They moved to the Midwest last year, and the Fishers residents operated their popular food truck here as well. With Korave Korean BBQ, they’re excited to serve such dishes as Korean barbecue beef poutine and Korean barbecue chicken rice bowls at the Test Kitchen.

“Running a food truck is kind of hard but really fun. We would always meet new people and also sometimes meet the same people who would follow us around. “
– Chef John

What’s on the Menu?

Check out Chef John and Kim’s restaurant inspired by Korean flavors.