Lil Dumplings

Global Street Food

Lil Dumplings’ menu is a celebration of street food from all around the world. Chef Carlos Salazar has created dishes that fuse the flavor traditions of many countries, and the result is mouthwatering. From falafel to frites, Lil Dumplings puts a fresh spin on street food you won’t want to miss indulging in!


Calamansi Spritzer

Calamansi / Orange / Simple / Soda Water



Fried Sweet Banana Spring Roll

Strawberry Jam / Peanut Butter

Meet the Chef

Chef Carlos

Chef Carlos Salazar graduated from The Chef’s Academy in 2008 and his cuisine has been winning over palates ever since. This award-winning chef is excited to share his globally-inspired creations at The Fishers Test Kitchen.

Meet the Chef

Chef Carlos

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