The Food

Experience some of the best food in Fishers here at the Fishers Test Kitchen. You’ll find dishes inspired by food from around the world and here at home. Check out these local chefs and their creative menus for Lil’ Dumplings and Korave Korean BBQ.

The global street food menu at Lil’ Dumplings is inspired by Chef Carlos Salazar’s Filipino heritage, but it also draws on his love of late-night fare from around the world. This award-winning local chef is serving up delicious food in Fishers. You’ll find ramen and steamed buns on the menu alongside his take on a classic chili dog!

local chefs logo for Korave Korean BBQ

Fast, fresh, simple and shareable. That’s the goal for local Chefs John and Kim of Korave Korean BBQ. The brothers, originally from South Korea, combine traditional dishes with familiar foods like tacos, poutine and rice bowls — look for savory kimchi pancakes too! Chef John and Chef Kim have delicious offerings no matter the mood you’re in.

At One Trick Pony we do one thing really well, and that’s hot, fresh, smashed burgers that are diner style, made to order & pressed on a hot griddle.  Its a salute to simpler times when we invited friends old and new, to sit with us and enjoy the finer things in life…like a double cheeseburger.

Signature Table Pop-Ups

At Gordito’s Rustbelt Taco we serve our style of the food we love.

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