Chef Adam & Alicia

After bringing King Dough pizza to Indy last year, this young couple has launched a new Southern restaurant concept, Natural State, in the Fishers Test Kitchen.

local chefs Chef Adam and Alicia

About Adam & Alicia Sweet

Adam and Alicia met in Bloomington, where they both worked in restaurants. Before having kids, they moved back to Arkansas to be near Adam’s family, and Adam became a partner with a pizza restaurant group there. When the couple decided they wanted to stretch their entrepreneurial wings and open their own place, they returned to Bloomington where they started King Dough in 2015. In 2019, they established King Dough’s Indianapolis location. Though the Bloomington location has closed, the Sweets are now focused on a whole new venture: Natural State.

As for what you’ll find on the menu, look for their signature fried chicken sandwich, root beer braised pulled pork, and Alicia’s favorite, a sandwich dubbed the Momwhich, that features turkey, provolone and potato chips. Sides include collards, coleslaw, tots and mac and cheese. For dessert, there’ll be grab-and-go brownies and blondies and seasonal fruit handpies. Because after all, what would a southern restaurant be without pie?

“Everything we’ve done in our career as food entrepreneurs has been as natural as possible. It’s a natural state of mind.”
– Alicia Sweet

What’s on the Menu?

Check out Chef Adam and Alicia’s restaurant inspired by Southern comfort food.