Classes, Tastings and Dinners Coming Soon

Classes, Tastings and Dinners Coming Soon

Construction is coming along in the Fishers Test Kitchen building, and we’re excited to see the space taking shape. In addition to the three restaurant stands, we’re also launching The Signature Table performance kitchen, where chefs, culinary instructors and other food artisans will be able to cook right in front of you.

Guests will be seated around a U-shaped bar with the cooking equipment in the middle, providing an up-close culinary experience. You’ll be able to sample delicious food at cooking demos, learn a new technique at a cooking class, sample beer, wine or spirits or just watch the chefs as they prepare a multi-course meal right in front of you.

We might even be having a few special holiday events. Stay tuned here and at thesignaturetable.com for more info.

What kind of events would you like to see us create? Drop us an email at jolene@fisherstestkitchen.com.