Meet the Test Kitchen Chefs at Fishers Farmers’ Market

Meet the Test Kitchen Chefs at Fishers Farmers’ Market

Look for our Fishers Test Kitchen chefs at the Fishers Farmers’ Market in October. Our chefs will be visiting the market, sampling the food, shopping for produce and talking about what they find. You might even spot the Test Kitchen team shooting video of our chefs in action!

Market shoppers had the chance to talk with Chef Carlos Salazar of Lil Dumplings global street food at the market Oct. 5. Chef Carlos had a great time visiting some of the market’s food stands and learning about Mathoos Eggrolls, Walking Waffles, Old Major Market and more.

Chef John and chef Kim of Korave Korean barbecue will be at the market on Saturday, Oct. 12, cooking up some of their favorite dishes, so be sure to look for them. Chef Leisha Berg of West Coast Nook will visit the market on Oct. 19.

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