Innovation and creativity remain a focus at Fishers Test Kitchen

Innovation and creativity remain a focus at Fishers Test Kitchen

Lil Dumplings’ Kyle Humphreys, right, on WISH-TV’s Indy Style explaining ramen with hosts Tracy Forner and Amber Hankins.

Even as they adapt to carry-out and delivery, local chefs are still creative cooks who are working hard to please customers with new menu items.

Lil Dumplings chef/owner Carlos Salazar continues to stress innovation and creativity as he and his staff adjust to the challenges of a carry-out only business.

One item that has only grown in popularity in recent weeks is the restaurant’s Sunday-only ramen specials.  Lil Dumplings chef Kyle Humphreys, who studied ramen in Japan, has taken on the challenge of creating the weekly specials.

In March, Kyle was in the kitchen on WISH-TV’s Indy Style morning show to explain the key components of ramen and to show hosts Tracy Forner and Amber Hankins how he builds a ramen bowl.

And chef Carlos told us recently how he created a popular new sandwich that has appeared on the Lil Dumplings menu, the NY Chopped Cheese.

He uses a special blend of Fischer Farms beef that is cooked and chopped before being shaped into a burger with melty shredded cheese and topped with caramelized onions, tomato and lettuce.

“I kinda knew that it was like if a cheeseburger and a Philly cheesesteak had a baby that’s what it would be,” he said, “so that’s how I envisioned making it.”